General Inquiries :

What do you guys do?

TST InnoPrint CO., LTD. is a professional total solution manufacturer that is specialized with the design, development and production of printing packaging matter and also the replication discs.


Where are you guys located?

We are located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, with convenient transportation access to reach 2 major export ports in less than an hour.

Please see more information in our company profile.


Can I have a quote before starting?

Yes you can, we will provide you the best and most accurate quote after we have a detailed specifications of your request.


What’s the minimum purchase quantity?

It varies depending on the product. Please discuss your idea with us and we will supply more information.


I am an independent store owner, can I order direct from you?

Yes, we are open to individuals and business partners.


Do you guys provide samples?

Yes we do, please contact with our sales for sample inquiries ;).


How do I get started?

We receive a specific inquiry + detail specifications from our clients.

  • We check the specs and give our clients accurate quotations.

  • Quote accepted

  • Purchase order & data gathering (for disc replication, we’ll need master, artwork, and copyright)

  • Make proof for data and wait for approval

  • Start manufacture after receiving approval.

  • Quality Check

  • Arrange shipping and payment.

  • Goods Delivery


How long is the production time?

Lead times vary from product to product. Our standard lead times during normal business conditions (after receiving the approval from clients or for reorders) would be 5-10 business days for Media and Media Packaging, and 2 weeks for Paper Bags and Boxes.

Please let your sales know if you have urgent request to see if a rush job can abe arranged for that specific job! 

Master & Artwork :

How do I submit my master?

You can email us the link for your compressed files, send the original disc, or even upload onto our FTP after contact our sales.


What file format should I submit my master?

For media masters, we strongly recommend DDP files for disc replication. We also accept .nrg, .iso, .bin & .cue, and DVD-Video files.


How do I submit my artwork?

You can email us the link of your artwork files, mail the artwork with discs, or upload onto our FTP after contacting with our sales.


What is the preferred format for artwork submission?

We prefer and strongly recommend artwork in Adobe Illustrator Artwork .ai (vector) format. However, .psd, .pdf, .png or image files with resolution of minimum of 300 dpi are also acceptable.


Can you do the design for me?

Yes we can, however, an additional design fee would be applied onto your project.


Do you have a list of available fonts?

You can choose any font from a microsoft product such as MSword. If you are using a custom font, you will also need to send the font file to us.


Can I still revise my design after submit the artwork to you?

We will only start the production after receiving the client’s approval. We do quality control in every stage, and make sure our product fulfills the requirement. We repeat the step and update our client the status of their order. After we arrange the shipment, we will send our client the tracking number of the shipment.


Can I ask for test print before production?

Yes we do provide test print service. There will be a basic charge, please contact our sales for more information.


Regarding Shipment : 

How do you ship your products?

We usually ship our products with express companies such as Fedex and DHL. However, we can also manage to adjust the shipping method if our clients insist.


Can I track my shipment before it arrives?

We will provide the tracking number to our client immediately after the shipment is made.


Can I ask send to different locations?

Yes, we ship to worldwide, deliver to all continents in the world.


Do you provide spares?

Yes, we do. The spares will be shipped together with rest of the products.




Regarding Payment : 

How do I pay?

We accept T/T, Credit Card, Master/Visa, Western Union, and Paypal


When do I pay?

No we do not enforce our client to pay deposit. However, the payment should be made before the shipment.