Retail CD Box

A tasteful box to hold all the contents of your project.

The Retail Box comes in many sizes and can be custom fit to your needs.


Our most popular box fits up to five cardboard wallets and a CD booklet and can be shrink wrapped to be ready to go right on the shelf.


Retail cd box designed by various customized requirements. We have many design sizes and packaging methods to recommend you, and there are many samples of exquisite retail box for your reference, such as hamburger box, 2-piece box, magnetic clasp box and more customized choice with your creative ideas.


Hamburger Box

Our customers have been extremely pleased with the result of our most popular Retail Box, the Hamburger Box, which we have distributed all over the world. These boxes can be custom fit to hold what your project requires. For example: 12 x 2 panel CD wallets + 1 x 24 page booklet.

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2-Piece Box

The 2-piece Box, like the Hamburger Box, can be custom fit to hold

whatever you may require.

Made of heavy duty cardboard

stock it'll provide your

project great look and feel.

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Magnetic Clasp Box

Another form of a Retail Box that snaps closed with the use of a magnetic clasp.


These boxes are made with heavy duty cardboard stock and you'll be amazed with the look and feel.

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Add-on Options

The following options can be added to your Retail CD Box to hold a disc or anything that your project may require :

- Digitray

- Foam Dot

- Foam Cavity / Enclosure