The Hardcover Digipak is the premium version of the standard Digipak. Available with four, six, or eight panels the Hardcover Digipak, likes its predecessor, is fully customizable with one to eight trays depending on the number and size of panels. Taking advantage of a heavier stock cardboard, you'll love the look and feel of the Hardcover Digipak. The Hardcover Digipak can be done as a CD Digipak size or a DVD Digipak size.

Hardcover Digipak

  • Product Type: Disc Packaging

    Disc Replication&Duplication: Yes

    Type: BD-R, Blu-Ray Disc, CD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW

    Disc Capacity: 25GB, 4.7GB, 650MB, 700MB, 8.5GB, 800MB, 9.4GB

    Running Speed: 16X DVD, 2X DVD, 48X CD, 4X DVD, 52X CD, 6X BD, 8X DVD

    Place of Origin: Taiwan

    Brand Name: OEM&ODM

    Customized to Order: Yes

    Design Advice and Asistance: Yes

    Existing Templates: more than 1000

    Factory Certificate: ISO9001 RoHS

    Client Base: Music labels, Flim distributor, Premium design house, Education

    Export To: All countries