Replication of DVD - 

Product Type: DVD Replication, DVD Printing

Printing Type: Offset Printing

Type: BD-R, Blu-Ray Disc, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD, DVD-5 , DVD-9, CD Replication

Disk Capacity: 25GB, 4.7GB, 650MB, 700MB, 8.5GB, 800MB, 9.4GB

Running Speed: 16X DVD, 2X DVD, 48X CD, 4X DVD, 52X CD, 6X BD, 8X DVD

Place of Origin: Taiwan

Brand Name: ODM / OEM

Customized to Order: Yes

Design Advice and Asistance: Yes

Factory Certificate: ISO9001 RoHS

Client Base: Music labels, Flim distributor, Premium design house, Education...

Export To: All countries

Color: Full Colors CMYK, Pantone Colors

DVD Replication

  • Print: color lithographic printing, special screen printing,
    Ink-jet printing, sticker round del
    Format: DVD-Video, DVD-rom, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18,
    Dual Disc, Hybrid Disc, CDVD, DVD Audio