In the fairy tale, Die Wichtelmänner (The Elves and the Cobbler - a Grimms' Fairy Tales), little elves came night after night to help the hard-working and honest cobbler.  They made flawless shoes every night and the cobbler became wealthy over time thanks to the two little elves. 


We like to compare ourselves as the elves.

If you have a project in mind, just give us a concept and we will help you do the work - like the elves help the cobbler.


“Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful... that's what matters” 

                                                                                                                                      (― Steve Jobs)

General Manager

KC is TST's uh... boss.

He is a main member of TEA(Taiwan E-Business Assiciation), founder of 阿里青年團 & member of 阿里棒棒團. 

He loves to learn and share, and has given over hundreds of speeches over the past year..

tst director

David is TST's uh... boss as well.

He is also one of the key person in charge of TST-Art for the upcoming June project of Leonardo DaVinci's Lucan portrait and tenths of genuine art first ever exhibition in Taiwan. 

TST Super Managers

tst sales

Hellen OU

 Sales Director

With experience in multiple industries, Hellen is now in charge of all the Export Management in TST with thousands of projects monthly, over 5 continents. Fluent in Chinese, English and French, communication has no barrier! 

tst production

Wayne LIN


Wayne manages all TST 's production process, liaison with all our factories, but he is also our expert in filming, photography and editing.

tst sales


Taiwan Market Sales

Alan is in charge of all domestic market team and has a broad connection with Taiwan's biggest labels due to his being always available for clients.

TST Super Team

The fact is that if you feel happy about yourself and your work, then you are going to do a better job. Many studies show that happy people are more creative, feel more engaged, have better health, and produce better results. As I myself have experienced many times, happiness is contagious. If you enter a room with happy people you feel better about yourself. If you smile at someone they feel better and become happier.

tst team