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TST has built it's name in the custom disc packaging field.


We are known for turning client's ideas and imagination into an incredible package.



Based on our extensive manufacturing knowledge of printing, after-print processes and hand-crafting possibilities, we are proud to say that TST is the number one choice for your treasured project.

Collection Set


See our fantastic options for your collections.

Our custom collection packs have all the best ideas in line.


Everyone of them has its own unique elements and fresh ideas. We can help you come out with a brand new design and amaze your audiences.


Check out some of our projects and contact a sales representative to discuss your project with us.

Pop-up Set

SOFT LIPA Album + Pack EP

The Classical Music Set

Exquisite Music Set

Another award winning design. 
Title : MOBIUS AWARD - Package Design 2007 
Studio : Chi Mei Fine Art Ltd. 
Art Director : Lin-Hsien JUAN 
Designers : Shao-Chun HUANG, Pamela LIN , Werther LIU, Yi-shan Lin Media Production : TST

This is an example of award winning design of a high-end premium box set. 
Title I : LONDON INTERNATIONAL AWARD - 2005 Package Design Winner - Entertainment/Music 
Title II : NEW YORK FESTIVALS - Design 2005 Finalist 
Studio : Chi Mei Fine Art Ltd. 
Art Director : Shao-Chun HUANG 
Media Production : TST since 2006 

This is one of the babies born at TST.

Thanks to Mr. Dela Fat in trusting our design and printing ability to put his desired elements and details together on this special release.

The EP flower bud digipak is printed on Kraft stock to fit the concept of a "take-out bag". The white cloth cover digibook is another proud design by us. This whole package is considered one of our premium and complete setups for a successful collection package. 

This product was created with an eco-friendly concept in mind thus eliminating the plastic tray of a standard Digipak. The well designed mechanism can hold the disc when the package is closed and present the disc to the consumer upon opening. The slipcase is printed with a dynamic spot UV coating and the title is embossed. The clean design and the sheen of the dynamic spot UV are the perfect match to the earthy / environmental content. 



Turn a typical digipak into a more interesting package.

The classical Digipak can be enhanced to be an entirely new product with a few tweaks.


See how you can make a simple few changes and create a brand new eye-catching product!

Open Gate Digipak

T Digipak

Dubai DVD Digipak

A standard digipak can be made much more interesting with a few minor changes.

This is only one of the examples where we simply changed how the front cover opens. Who says a digipak must be opened from the side? It can be made to open from the middle of the cover like a gate.

If your album is "gate", "door", "open", "half, "middle" or "cut" related, this is the ideal digipak you are looking for. 

The T shaped digipak can be designed using 8 or 10 panels and has been a great way to add an interesting twist to an old product.


Your fans will be pleasantly surprised when opening your new album.

This is a great design that takes advantage of a special die-cut, spot UV and foiling to produce a unique and premium feel, thus transforming a standard DVD digipak into a work of art.


We take pride in the precision of the dozen or so printing processes involved in putting this special digipak together. Great designs like these need excellence in manufacturing ability for a successful project.

Wallet / Mailler


Don't be limited to what you see in the marketplace, your imagination is the only limit!

Many printers can offer cardboard wallets,

but we can do it better!


By adding design elements, your product will definitely stand out from all others.

This is a simple concept but you won't find anybody else who has done this with disc packaging.


The Velcro lock designed to the shape of your logo will give your product a unique look.

Now you can put these old school envelope buttons and string ties on a Kraft stock wallet.


These wallets will remind you of the good ole days when we used to send letters by mail.

These Record Style Sleeves are made the same way as LP records sleeves.


The CD is packed in a white cloth sleeve and then protected by a hard cardboard sleeve. This old-school look is ideal for a re-launch of old-school content.

Record Style Sleeve

String-tie Wallet

Velcro Lock Wallet


Eco-friendly Package

This is definitely the most frequent discussed topic nowadays. See what we have to offer.

We have only one earth. TST is committed to the environment and helping to lower our footprint.


We use 100% vegetable based inks and always encourage our clients to use cardboard based designs instead of plastics.


If you are an environmentally minded company, so are we! Let's make our earth a better place for future generations to come.

This disc folder is designated to be flat in order to fit specific packaging requirements, such as bundling into a magazine.

The disc is well fixed by the precise cuts and foldings. Users can access the disc by spreading out the folder and also view the large amount of infomation printed on the 8 panel cardboard. 

It looks enviremental friendly by the kraft stock itself. By taking the advantage of the original feel of the stock, designers don't need to worry about how to achieve this specific printing effect.

It is much smarter to let the materials talk than trying to print the effect by photoshop works. 

At TST, you can opt 100% recycle stock to print your cardboard wallets

and booklets. 

A paper tray is applied instead of a digitray to make this eco-pak free of plastics.

Digipak is much more eco-friendly than traditional jewel case and this PaperPak is even one step further than the digipak by eliminating the

plastic parts.

This the most eco-friendly design we ever created. The case is formed from one piece of cardboard without the use of any glue.

The size is perfect to hold a disc plus a booklet or a few postcards.

Exotic Eco-pak


100% Recycle Stock

Kraft Wallet

Disc Folder