Hardcover CD Digipack

For those projects when need a step up from the standard Digipak.

The Hardcover Digipak is the premium version of the standard Digipak.


Available with four, six, or eight panels the Hardcover Digipak, likes its predecessor, is fully customizable with one to eight trays depending on the number and size of panels.


Taking advantage of a heavier stock cardboard, you'll love the look and feel of the Hardcover Digipak.


The Hardcover Digipak can be done as a CD Digipak size or a DVD Digipak size.

CD Hardcover Digipak

The CD Hardcover Digipak is for the occasions when a plain CD Digipak just isn't good enough. Available in four to eight panels, this premium packaging will impress your clients when they pick one.

DVD Hardcover Digipak

If you really need an impressive package for your next DVD release, try the DVD Hardcover Digipak. Available with four to eight panels, it can really give your DVD collection that boost in elegance.


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