A premium hardcover book with room to hold a disc.

CD Digibook

A Digibook is a premium version of a book style Digipak or

a traditional book with DVD/CD built in.


The hard cover book presents a sense of luxury and brings your product to that next level.


The perfect bound or section sewn inner pages are the best method for presenting your message.


we offer many type of digibook, such as wallet digibook, tray digibookmedia book and

more customized choice with your creative ideas.


Wallet Digibook

Our premium hardcover bound book with a cardboard sleeve elegantly attached to the inside front or back cover.

Available for both CD Jewel Case

or DVD case sizes.

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Tray Digibook

A premium hardcover bound book with one of our popular digitrays attached to the inside front or back cover.


Depending on the size of your book most of our digitray options can be used according to your needs.

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Media Book

Another hardcover book, but the difference between Media Books and Digibooks is that the discs are inserted into pockets that are actually part of the pages of the book.

These books are high end and when you pick one up, you will instantly know where the extra dollars went.

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Page Option

The pages in your Digibook can range from 24-160 pages inclusive of the bookends that hold the pages to the cover of the book.


Book pages should be added in multiples of eight for the best results.