Artwork Requirements

Artwork Format and Specifications Requirement

To avoid any possible delay in your production we would highly recommend the following is during the construction of your artwork.


Colors Mode:




Photo Image 300 dpi (dot points per inch) minimum / 450 dpi recommended



We require all submitted artwork to be:

Curved / Outlined (vector base program)

Rasterized (Pixel base program)


Other Additional Requirements:

Artwork & Template Layers:

In the design, please separate your template layer and artwork layer.

If using Corel software please make sure the template layer and artwork layer are grouped separately.


CD & DVD disc face label artwork:

No bleed is required for the disc label artwork.

Note: CD template can be acquired from our customer service.


White or Silver Base:

As the disc will be offset printed, Industry standard is to print on a white base. However we can print on a full silver base (with spot PMS) or a partial silver base.

It’s best to set these up as separate layers, if you’re in doubt please contact us for further advice.


Paper Parts Artwork (Booklet, Poster, Post Card, Business Card ... etc.):

All paper parts require minimum 3mm bleed around the templates cutting line, please use the correct template provided to ensure correct layout. All templates are available from us. If you’re using another company’s template please contact us to ensure it can be used without any typesetting charges being imposed from the printer.


Cut & Fold Line:

When placing your text avoid having the text too close to the cutting or folding lines. Its best to leave a 2mm buffer between text and cut / fold lines



Please ensure any stickers are imposed on standard templates or a knife fee will be charged. When Sticker assembly is required, it is also important to include a sticker positional picture (jpeg of the art with the sticker imposed) so that its clear where you would like the sticker placed.


Final file submission:

Please submit your all your artwork from the software you've created it in (having the fonts curved/outlined/rasterized) as a high resolution (press ready) PDF file. This can be submitted in the email, FTP, DropBox, GoogleDrive or YouSendIt. 



Pre-press team will check the following:

• Sufficient Bleed around the Artwork Template (3 mm)

• Correct Template Used with Purchase Order

• Confirm overprint setting

• CMYK + PMS Colour layers


Artwork may be rejected if:

• Fonts are not outlined

• Incorrect template is used or the template used does not match order form.

• Artwork submitted does not match order form.

• Template is on the same layer as the artwork.



• Spelling

• Minimum Font Size: 6pt. positive; 7pt reversed

• Line width: 0.6pt

• CMYK, PMS colour(s) & Template Knife plate are each placed on separate layers

• 100% K Black and Rich Black (C50 M30 Y20 K100) used on the same area.

• Use of correct template

• Unwanted blank or white lines between two panels / images

• Overprint is set correctly.

• Filter effects should be rasterized.

• Save the artwork file in 2 formats. Original flattened format for print, and also the print ready for production.

  As a backup the print ready pdf for matching purpose.